Behind The Scenes

Paper-Making –

Paper-making workshop including plants donated by MSU horticulture garden.
Different materials and items were used in making the paper for this project.
Students in Honors Seminar and ATD428 (Apparel and Textile Design) making paper for BranchOut.  Megan Heeres leading the workshop at ArtsLab.  Paper-making materials for the project have been donated by the Horticultural Garden.

Costumes –



The mobile application will allow audience members to engage in strange interactions with familiar objects. The audience can text trees and explore the strangeness of a wireless communication method by becoming more attuned to one that is rooted deep in the earth.

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This image illustrates how audience members will move through the space while surrounded by projected representations of communication. These beams of light will serve to make visible the wireless web surrounding the audience.
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Humans and trees can communicate through respective social networks. The interface appears familiar to texting but is on the time scale of tree communication.


The dance makes visible the ritual of clothing creation, symbolically constructing the materials as part of the dance. This performance reveals the invisible community and the cycle of consumption that is hidden in consumer culture.

The dancer, in a simple sheath, moves through the space and their movement pulls together the various fibers that create their final garment.


The mobile application will allow audience members to experience the Horticulture Gardens at MSU through a performative augmented reality. The “wood wide web” is presented to viewers as a tree, phone, and the human form a communication network.

A graphical animation illustrating the inner flow of nutrients is visible when the audience member engages with a particular tree.


The artifacts created for the performance will be re-coded into an interactive website that incorporates 360 photos of the space. Viewers will be able to craft their own narrative as they move through the performative webspace exploring communication, connection, and sustainability.

This image shows the website interface instructions and engagement.